The Perfect Blend 2019 || Hot Tamale Winners!

The Perfect Blend 2019 || Hot Tamale Winners!

The Perfect Blend by Beam-Suntory

a bartending competition created for bartenders by bartenders. create a cocktail inspired by either [  a moment in time  ] or
♻️ minimum waste, maximum taste ♻️ ]

Last year our bartender Anneliese Grazioli was selected and represented the NT in the state finals in Adelaide in February.

This year three of our bartenders have been selected to represent the NT in the 2019 Perfect Blend Competition!

Congratulations to Alex Johnston, Anneliese Grazioli & Al Simmons. These three will be representing the NT & Hot Tamale in March 2019. See their winning cocktails below.

Auchie & Betty by Alexander Johnston

Alex's Cocktail The Blend

Kaiserfleish Fat Washed Auchentoshan American Wood. Strawberry & Rosemary Sweet Vermouth. Grapefruit & Lavender Dry Vermouth. Orange Zest & Cognac Marmalade.
This drinks inspiration is 2 – fold; it takes me back to my Grandma’s garden as a child, but also by her connection with the Auchentoshan brand and the the memory it invoked to her childhood doing the same during WWII, a time important in Auchentoshan’s history and helps shows the brand’s true colours.

NOW WHAT? by Anneliese Grazioli

What now Anneliese Grazioli

Knob Creek Rye. Mint Stalk Infused Honey. Triple Sec. Butterfly Pea & Orange Peel Soda.

Inspired by bartenders not only using an ingredient once, but more – coming up with the most creative ideas to create something delicious.

TOM & HUCK By Al Simmons

Tom and Huck

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon. Sun-dried Tomato Syrup. Blue Huckleberry Sweet Vermouth. Yellow Chartreuse. Fresh Lemon.

A simple and charming cocktail inspired by memories of growing up with my friends and family and a moment that defined who I would become. The moment of life when it was simple.
Picking wild huckleberries and honeysuckles with my grandparents in the honey golden fields of small town southern US. Running off with a best friend into the country to build a fort in the dense green forests on the outskirts of town.

A first kiss with the girl I liked, and carving her name in a tree. Running away and building a raft that didn’t float, but didn’t sink and returning home in the evening soaking wet to a hot supper with a full family around the table. Catching fireflies in a jar to rest on my bed stand at night to keep away bad dreams.

The moment when I was still innocent. This cocktail is for that all too brief moment of my life that I didn’t know to appreciate until the moment was over.

Great job team, can’t wait to see how you guys go in the State Finals!

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