Taquitos de Pollo || Hot Tamale Special


Taquitos are lovingly rolled corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken, which are fried to be crispy & we have served mole coloradito on top with crumbled feta, cos lettuce & raddish.

The special ingredient in this dish is definitely the mole, pronounced [ MOLE-LAY ]. Mole is undisputed the dish of Mexico, but what is it? Puebla & Oaxaca have claimed the beginnings of this dish and where it is still most popular to this day.

“Puebla’s most famous mole is without a doubt its namesake mole poblano, the most internationally recognized mole and the variation that if classed as the official national dish. This dark-brown colored dish uses chocolate and chilies. Oaxaca, on the other hand, is often nicknamed the land of the seven moles; colorado, mole negro, mancha manteles, verde, amarillo, chichilo and coloradito. The most famed of Oaxaca’s moles is mole negro, a mole poblano-esque dish that also uses chocolate but throws in hoja santa too.” – Lauren Cocking

To be classified as a mole, the sauce needs to have chilli, fruit & nuts. Though there are many modern takes on the dish that show some evolution. The dish is usually served with rice & meat though you will see it on top of enchiladas, taquitos & even in tacos.

Coloradito is one of the Oaxacan style moles, considered to be the ‘red’ mole, The sauce is filled with tomato, tomattillo, fruit, cocoa & nuts.

Taquitos de Pollo



Crispy rolled corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken topped with an ancient Oaxacan rich spice blend made from 18 different ingredients included dried fruit & chilli, pepitas seed, tomato, tomattillo & cocoa.