Stolen Rum Cocktail Competition || State Finalist!

Stolen Rum Cocktail Competition || State Finalist!

Stolen Rum challenged Australian bartenders with their cocktail competition ‘Stolen From Nature’. The idea was to create a rum based cocktail with Native Australia ingredients.

We are very excited to announce that two of our bar team have made the NT/SA State Finals in which they will compete for Top 5 in Australia and head down to Tasmania to compete for the top spot!

Congratulations to Alex Johnston & Anneliese Grazioli! We wish you the best and hope to see one of you in the National Final! Read about their cocktails below.

The Kookaburra by Alex Johnston

stolen white rum. bush fig & wild cherry jam. smoked kensington pride mango & bush apricot ferment. basil & golden dewdrop flower tincture.

Embezzlement by Anneliese Grazioli

stolen white rum. quandong jam. orange oil & strawberry gum tincture. local fermented passionfruit wine.

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