Sangria || History & Present || Hot Tamale Darwin

Sangria is one of today’s most popular drinks at hot tamale and all over the world, though where did it start? What was it made from and why is it still so popular today.

What Is It?

Sangria is a punch style of cocktail, when you consider a punch it is refreshing, fruity, and can be low ABV with a base of liqueur, aperitif or wine. Sangria is traditionally considered to be a Spanish style of red wine infused with fresh fruit, though these days you will find multiple styles of wine with different fruits and some sort of juice or spritzer.

Hot Tamale’s Past Sangrias

Sangria at Hot Tamale

Passionfruit Spritz // sweet spritzy & delicious
Sparkling Wine. Fresh Passionfruit. Lemon.

Mint & Berries // dry & refreshing
Sauvignon Blanco. Raspberries & Blueberries. Soda. Mint.

Strawberry Rose // sweet & simple
Rose. Strawberries. Lime.

Cider Sangria // light & crisp
Apple Cider. Elderflower Liqueur. Cucumber. Lime. Soda

drinks at Hot Tamale Darwin

The Red One // the one that will never leave – the most popular
Fruity Red Wine. Orange Aperitif. Orange. Lime. 

the red one sangria at hot tamale darwin

Sangria History

The Early Greeks & the Romans both consumed spiced wine, sometimes heated to be the also popular mulled wine (definitely not popular in Darwin, NT – though you will find it through Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc during the winter months). They consumed it more due to water sources were bacteria filled and adding alcohol made it safer to consume.

Sangria and Wine were popular and expanding in Spain until the 700’s when Spain was invaded and production stopped. Moor’s rule started again in the late 1400’s – Sangria and Wine were back!

Sangria translates to ‘Blood’ in Spanish and this is due to the grapes used in the wine were grown on a battlefield.

Traditionally Sangria is Spanish wine infused with fruit, there was never a set recipe which gave people more of a chance for it to gain popularity.

Spanish invaded countries like the Philippines, Mexico & most of South America all have Sangria influenced drinks as it was easy to make and delicious. Countries like England & France were creating their own versions from the 1700’s. In 1964 the Spanish had a themed stall at the World Fair in New York City, USA. The introduction to North America really brought on it’s popularity.

Sangria Today

Sangria has kept it’s popularity due to the vast variety of styles you can try, the simplicity of making a great sangria and the creativity to do some really cool stuff!

Do you have a favourite recipe?