Never Never by David Robinson || Cocktail Special

Never Never by David Robinson || Cocktail Special

August 20, 2018
2 min read

the ‘never never’ is the boss, David robinson’s state finalist cocktail for the 2018 patron perfectionist competition.

If you missed the news, David entered his cocktail and made it through to the state finals earlier this month, backing straight off his success in the competition last year where he made it to the international grand final and competed against five bartenders from all over the world.


We are all excited to see his successes this year and wish him the best of luck!

Never Never

cocktail picture

patron blanco
rosella, riberry & strawberry gum sweet tea
cold pressed kensington pride comalie mango
fresh lime
saltbush tincture
fingerlime & green ant tincutre
green ant salt

David’s cocktail, Never Never, is inspired by both our amazing Aussie outback, a place that is literally at my back door and Patrón process of crushing the agave, using both a modern technique, roller mill, and the ancient method of crushing, the tahona wheel.
Never Never is made with our amazing modern amazing flavour of the Kensington Pride mango (modern), intertwined with ancient, unique, Australian ingredients the Riberry, Fingerlime, Green Ants & Strawberry Gum to make a spirit forward, beautifully balanced Aussie cocktail.