Meet the Team || Elian Tovar-Sheridan

Meet the Team || Elian Tovar-Sheridan

Welcome to meet the team Mondays! Each week we bring you one of our great team’s profile.

Name: Elian Tovar-Sheridan
Role: Head Bartender
Started at Hot Tamale: November 2017

Favourite Agave Spirit: Alipus
Favourite Cocktail: Vida Margarita
Favourite Dish: Carne Asada al Carbon

Tell us a bit about yourself…

“I was born & grew up mostly in Perth but moved to Darwin to finish off High School. My Dad is Mexican & I spent 4 years living in Mexico when I was younger. I love Mexico, especially the food! Working at Hot Tamale gave me a deeper appreciation on Agave Spirits, Mezcal really is something special!”

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