Hot Tamale Winners!! || Bacardi Legacy 2018

Hot Tamale Winners!! || Bacardi Legacy 2018

Bacardi Legacy 2018

Bacardi Legacy is one of the biggest international cocktail competitions, it sees one bartender from each country compete in the international finals next year in March. The idea is to create a cocktail that is your legacy, a new classic.

The first round is to create a cocktail using Bacardi as a base and upload it to the competition website with the recipe and a photo. We had FIVE entries from Hot Tamale enter this year!!

Ricky Pickleback by Al Simmons

bacardi blanca. clarified tomato juice. pickle juice. jalapeno. fresh lemon.

Victoire by Alex Johnston

bacardi ocho. yellow chartreuse. blackberry jam. lemon butter. lemon juice.

Frothy by Anneliese Grazioli

bacardi blanca. de kuyper creme de bananes. cream. egg white. thyme syrup. soda.

Dionysus by Matthew Zarimis

bacardi blanca. fresh mandarin juice. px sherry. lime juice. honey.

18th amendment by David robinson

bacardi ocho. de kuyper creme de menthe white. de kuyper creme de cacoa white. rinse branca menta.

WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE TWO of our bartenders made the top 30 in australia!!

A huge congratulations to David Robinson & Matthew Zarimis who smashed the competition and made the top 30. They now create a video and their drinks are duplicated by cocktail professionals where they will select the top 8 to compete. We wish them good luck on their Legacy journeys! Stay tuned to when you can come in for a taste!

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