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We have their Blanco Fuerte & Imperial at a special price for you all to try. The Fuerte is a still strength 50% unaged tequila & the Imperial is a 5 year old in ex Cognac & Sherry barrels. Read more about their spirits & process below.


NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WORK IN THE FIELDS. Given this, the techniques of cooking, fermentation, distillation and aging – not belittle – are secondary. Great mezcal is the result of the profound relationship between man and earth, and it is difficult to overestimate the importance of this for the production and preservation of authentic tequila, its tradition and its historic taste. Increasing industrialization has adopted a production model that favors monocultives, thereby threatening not only the biodiversity of the agave, but the complex ecosystem of which they are part. Today, brands are born in laboratories and marketing firms, eager to get a percentages of the growing market but with little connection to the land and its responsible work. DON FULANO is 100% fruit of this work, the daily care and preservation of the land which for five generations has sustained the family business. Only through this work can the benefits and complexity of a authentic tequila be obtained from a natural process. In Tequileña we are proud of this work and have no doubt that here lies the soul of our business and our tradition.


There are more than 60 variables in the production of tequila. Each one creates variations in the profile and character of each product. However, there are 2 fundamental things that cannot be altered if the intention is to produce authentic tequila. One of them is the optimum maturity of the plant. To decide when each plant is ready for harvest is crucial to the complexity that will result of it. Agaves that are used to produce Don Fulano are selected one by one to ensure this maturity. Harvested from the best soil in the region and over 2,000 meters above sea level -where hot days and cold nights shelter the fields – these agaves achieve high concentrations of sugar, providing great complexity to our spirits and, of utmost importance, allow them to remain 100% free of additives.


Agave tequilana has an extraordinary concentration of fructans. To achieve an authentic tequila, it is essential to conduct a thermal hydrolysis of the agave heart or piñas to transform its rich variety of carbohydrates into sugars which will be then gathered in a rich and complex mash during extraction. These sugars are largely responsible for the richness and abundance of aromas in great tequilas. The industrialized production however, has replaced this traditional process with a modern method of enzymatic hydrolysis (diffusers), sacrificing quality for COST efficiency and thus, extracting the soul of tequila. Don Fulano retains the traditional method of prolonged cooking to achieve complex profiles out of a natural and organic process. The use of autoclaves at low pressure allows us to bring out the herbal spectrum of the raw agave, incorporating mint, anise and rosemary, among many others interesting notes, to our fruitful highland style.


Aguamiel or Honeywater is the name of the juice that is obtained from the extraction of cooked agave. Armed with this delicious nectar few things can go wrong. Fermentation is one of the blessings of nature and here there is little more than letting time work its magic. For many decades we have been cultivating and reproducing the particular strain of yeast responsible for conducting the fermentation of our products which is a blend of wild with a very special yeast used in wine. A delightful range of aromas begins to emerge from the mash. No accelerants are added in this process that can take from 5 to 8 days.


Every detail is paramount to produce excellent tequila and distillation is truly a master’s art. Don Fulano uses copper stills along with a small percentage (16%) of a very particular and unusual continuous distillation tower to distill its products. This complete and unique combination provides the opportunity to achieve the final blend that merits the name of Don Fulano. Removing a large percentage of heads and tails, only the heart  of the distilled nectar is preserved, where the most crystalline fruit, floral and herbal notes concentrate. The distillation is carried to a percentage not exceeding 55% of alcohol by volume.


Aging is one of our greatest passions. The selection of barrels and accurate history of each is something that is always considered. Don Fulano rests in a special combination of new and used barrels (ex-cognac, armagnac and sherry) of French limousine oak. With the exception of our blancos, all are careful blends of different vintages. Notes of maple, black cherry, roasted coffee, vanilla, dark chocolate, cloves and nuts, among many others, result from this careful aging. Tequileña has the largest collection of aged tequilas in the tequila industry. Thousands of liters evaporate into the air each year, being the angels share.


Before being bottled, a panel of tequiliers get together to approve the final blend that will carry the name of Don Fulano. The batch to be bottled is tasted along with the last 3 batches for approval of consistency. All Don Fulano bottles are uniquely handmade by local artisans. Don Fulano Blanco, Fuerte, Reposado and Añejo is packaged in uniquely colored blown-glass while Don Fulano Imperial goes into a high temperature ceramic decanter.

Don Fulano BLANCO

Don Fulano Blanco is colorful in notes; it’s the finest expression of a Highland lineage. The careful selection of mature agaves reveals the exquisite variety of its terroir. Abundant reminiscence of damp red soil which opens the senses and awakens the appetite.  It has a fruitful style, with lots of character and yet, it is elegant. Cooked agave fully expresses itself with delicate notes of butterscotch and olive. The spice is balanced with a prolonged citrus finish. This fine mixture of aromas and flavors dances freely while one enjoys its craft and absolute purity.

Incomparable appetitive and perfect to marry with oysters and fresh cheese.

GOLD – Spirit Masters Competition – London

SILVER – Beverage Testing Institute – Chicago

GOLD – Spirits of Mexico Festival – San Diego


One of a Kind. Don Fulano Fuerte is profoundly aromatic; a tequila for the connoisseur and the epicurean. Inexplicably full of spice and flavor and yet, absolutely mellow with floral glimmers of jasmine and orange blossom; even coconut and tropical aromas are present.  It immediately dissipates the clouds to reveal the sun of the Highland plateau. It brings a direct connection with the agave fields, with the terroir, with its patient organic fermentation and its masterful distillation in copper alembics. Full bodied and generous in its complexity, its finish is intense and prolonged.

 Delightful to sip on its own or unbeatable for the creation of sophisticated cocktails.

DOUBLE GOLD – Tequila Association of Japan – Tokyo

(Best in Class)


 Don Fulano Reposado is extraordinarily balanced between its fresh agave flavors and the character of its long repose. A signature blend of aged tequilas with a minimum of eight months – and up to 2 years – in a combination of new and used barrels of French limousine oak. The spice is fuller with rich fruit notes of pear and cherry compote. The gentle notes of cooked agave as well as previously hidden glitters of dark chocolate, maple and nutmeg appear from its depth. Medium bodied, Its fruitful style remains in mouth.

Don Fulano Reposado is perfect to sip along complex dishes, red meats and mature cheese.


GOLD – Beverage Testing Institute – Chicago

GOLD – Spirits of Mexico Festival – San Diego

Don Fulano AÑEJO

Don Fulano añejo is unlike others. It is not predominantly sweet or overpowered by wood. It has absolutely no added sugars, colors or anything, for that matter. The agave notes are present and intense. It is full of spice and character from its terroir.  A subtle chocolate fudginess comes from the depth, baked banana and a fine mixture of dried fruits, almonds and roasted coffee beans along with a subtle floral note frame its intense personality. Again, It is a blend of different aged tequilas of a minimum of 30 months in French Limousine Oak. Its finish is slightly dry and prolonged.

Wonderful digestive to pair with dark chocolate; perfect to close a wonderful dinner.


PLATINUM – Beverage Testing Institute – Chicago


Don Fulano Imperial is our oldest.  Exceptionally smooth and complex with a great combination of elegance and power. Abundant in fruit notes and spices like clove and nutmeg. Deep notes of maple and dark chocolate, tobacco and a lavish aroma of black cherries frame its defined style. It is velvety and permanent in mouth. Superlative.


DIOSA MAYAHUEL to the Excellence 2006 y 2007 –

Academia Mexicana del Tequila – México

PLATINUM  Beverage Testing Institute – Chicago

(Best in Class) 97/100. Superlative!!

DOUBLE GOLD – Tequila Association of Japan – Tokyo

GOLD – Spirits of Mexico Festival – San Diego


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