Day of the Dead Celebrations || Hot Tamale 2018


Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos is a celebration held annually in Mexico to celebrate and connect with deceased loved ones. It is celebrated over multiple days and all over the country in different ways. It is at a similar time as the American Tradition of Halloween and though similar it is different. Dia de los Muertos is traditional to Mexico and South American Countries and has been celebrated for up to 3,000 years!

Tell me more!

Starting on the night of the 31st, spirits of children know as Angelitos are allowed down to reunite with their families. Then continuing until November the 2nd, all the spirits find their way down to visit family & friends. Families build altars in their homes and lay out candles or flowers for the spirits to be able to find their way and have food, drinks & the deceased favourite items on the altar.

What is hot tamale doing?

Hot Tamale will be celebrating with an altar set up in our bar area for the week for guests to visit & learn more about the tradition.

Thursday the 1st of November we will be hosting a cocktail competition for local bartenders to come and compete in. The goal is for them to create an 1800 Tequila Silver cocktail themed to Day of the Dead. The top three will then go on for a mystery box challenge for the top spot. Come & cheer them on from 3:30pm.

Friday the 2nd of November we will host the official event for the week, there will be a photo booth, dressing up prizes, games for every table & specials! This event starts from 5pm.

$10 Cocktails with 1800 ALL WEEK!
$24 Corona Buckets ALL WEEK!

There will be in store & social media competitions held throughout the entire week.

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