Cinco de Mayo | Hot Tamale 2018

Tonight is the night! We will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo tonight with Corona & Milagro Tequila specials.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

During the Civil War in the USA there was a shortage of cotton supply to Europe. The French came across to collect the debt from Mexico and they invaded & occupied Puebla in Mexico. The Mexican out numbered them and took back the city on the 5th of May! So we celebrate it with the best of Mexican culture in their beautifully created spirit Tequila!

To Celebrate, Hot Tamale will have from 6pm tonight ~

Loco Pinas $10 // milagro blanco. coconut cream fatwash. fresh pineapple juice.

Mandarin Milagro $10 // milagro blanco. mandarin sherbet. tonic.

Corona Buckets $20 // corona extra. corona ligera.