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Gran Orendain || Tequila of the Week at Hot Tamale Darwin


What is Tequila of the Week?

Tequila of the Week is about showcasing a tequila we love and giving our guests an experience to learn about it & try it. This week it is Gran Orendain.


The tequila family legacy begins to consolidate with Eduardo Orendain Orendain, important figure in...

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Tequila of the Week || Fortaleza

Each week at Hot Tamale we spotlight a different tequila for everyone to enjoy, this week we have chosen to showcase Fortaleza.

Fortaleza tequila started in 2005, on the back of 125 years of tradition. Fortaleza tequila is created by Guillermo Sauza who has been passionate about tequila his entire life. Guillermo’s...

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Cinco de Mayo | Hot Tamale 2018

Tonight is the night! We will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo tonight with Corona & Milagro Tequila specials.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

During the Civil War in the USA there was a shortage of cotton supply to Europe. The French came across to collect the debt from Mexico and they invaded & occupied Puebla in Mexico. The Mexican...

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Arette Tequila

Hot Tamale’s featured tequila this week is Arette Tequila.

Come in to try the reposado or anejo for $10 each.

Distillery History

“EL LLANO” is one of the oldest distillery’s in the region that still produces tequila. It is located in the heart of the magical town Tequila. It is operated by the Orendain Brothers,

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Milagro Tequila

Milagro Tequila is our featured Tequila for the week. Milagro is a modern and refined tequila that has a strong agave flavour.

Read the story below and watch the video to see their process.

It started in 1998 with two college friends, Danny Schneeweiss and Moy Guindi. Danny and Moy saw amazing things happening in the...

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