Best Tequila Bar Australia

Today, Australian Bartender Magazine has named Hot Tamale as a finalists for best tequila bar Australia, in the 2017 Phil Bayly Award for Tequila Bar of the Year.

“The award is named for industry legend Phil Bayly, who has been the standard-bearer for the category of tequila and mezcal in Australia for the best part of two decades and continues to promote the spirit he loves so much. Kudos to you, Phil Bayly.”

We are extremely excited and very humbled to again be a finalist in this prestigious award.  I couldn’t be prouder of the team and their commitment and love of agave spirits.

We would love to send out a massive thank you to the Darwin bartending community, who have obviously supported us in making a finalist, as well as a massive thank you to the Darwin community for your growing love of the agave spirits.

To be eligible for this award, the bar must have a broad selection of tequila and/or mezcal and other agave distillates, highlight agave cocktails where cocktails are listed, and employ staff who are knowledgeable on the category.


David Robinson