Beef Cheek Croquetas

Chef Luke Hammond has drawn inspiration, for his Beef Cheek Croquetas, from his fond memories of living in Merida, Yucatán.  The Yucatán, which sits at the end of Mexico’s curling peninsula, is often described as Mayan, and it was a vital cog in the old empire.  Today the cuisine is strongly influences from the Caribbean, the Dutch, the Lebanese, and the Spanish.
These “Croquetas” are inspired by the cuisine in the local cantinas.  Warm tropical weather and a ice cold Pacifico. La Negrita was the place of inspiration; it was the perfect choice after a long night working with rest of the kitchen team for a knock off drink.
The “Croquetas” are the right combination of crispy banana batter shell and a delicious soft centre, brought together with the creaminess of our burnt jalapeño and red pepper aioli.  Take is the amazing Waterfront, have some delicious croquettes and a pale lager.
Cheers Luke