AHA NT Bartender of the Year

What an amazing few days for our bartending team.  We are proud to announce Anneliese Grazioli took out top honour, AHA NT Bartender of the Year.  Both Anneliese and Alex did an amazing job and we could not be prouder of the both of you.

To make the finalists for the AHA NT Bartender Of The Year competition, the competitors had to complete a blind tasting, written exam and classic cocktail challenge.

Once in the final the 6 finalists had to present their original signature cocktail in front of a large audience, highlighting the flavours of Jim Beam Black, Jim Beam Devils Cut or Jim Beam Double Oak.

Well done to all the competitors.  All drinks were outstanding and is a credit to all venues and competitors.

Special thanks to the sponsors, Beam Suntory and the AHA NT for putting on such a wonderful event.


Hot Tamale bartender, Anneliese Grazioli, presenting her cocktail at AHA Bartender of the Year
Hot Tamale bartender, Alex Johnston, on Stage for the AHA Bartender of the Year
Jim Beam and Anneliese Grazioli
Anneliese Grazioli accepting the AHA NT Bartender of the Year award.