Aguachile & Ceviche || Hot Tamale

Aguachile or Ceviche? We love both dishes here at Hot Tamale and want to tell you a bit more about them and why we love them.

Ceviche is a dish we have always had on our menu here. The fresh vibrancy of the dish is perfectly created for Darwin’s weather all year round. As the years have passed we have seen its popularity and understanding of the dish grow. They are usually fish though you can get prawn and other seafood. It has an unknown area of original creation, few different countries in South American will argue they created it first. Most people will agree that its origins is Peru. In the present ceviche is enjoyed all over the world and is created with different twists with flavour combinations and techniques.

Aguachile we have played around with from time to time as it is a traditional dish from Mexico in the Nayarit region. It shares some similar qualities to a ceviche though it is usually wetter and spicier. The juices it sits in are vibrant, fresh and tasty. We love our aguachile and are excited to have it available for you at the moment. 


The Aguachile we have available is local snapper, cured in lime juice and served with fresh pineapple and pomegranate served on a base of verdita. Verdita is fresh pineapple, jalapeno, mint, coriander & citrus.


The most popular of our ceviches have been our simplest and most vibrant. See below some examples

NT Snapper Ceviche

Spicy Tropical Ceviche

To create a simple and delicious ceviche all you will need is;

1. Fresh Fish. We source ours from a local fish market; Mr Barra or Darwin Fish Market.
2. Citrus, we recommend lime.
3. Complimenting flavours; tomato, onion & coriander always work!
4. Salt and Pepper to taste!

You can always add chilli, fresh fruit, extra salad choices! The options are close to endless.

1. Slice up fresh fish, one centimeter cubes work well
2. Leave fish to cure in fresh lime just for roughly fifteen minutes
3. Strain out citrus and add your compliments and salt and pepper
4. Toss then plate up and you have your ceviche.