bitter orange spritz

traditional italian aperitif cocktail, aperol, sparkling wine, & soda.  a great starter.  served in a tall glass over ice  12/36

tommy’s margarita

our no.1. some things are too good to be messed with.  jose cuervo tradicional tequila, agave nectar & fresh lime juice.  created by julio bermejo.  a modern and mexican agave twist on the old school margarita.  absolutely delicious.  served in a rocks glass over ice  15/50

pina y pina

our take on the pina colada, tequila, pineapple, coconut, agave nectar & lime.  served frozen in a margarita glass  15

passionate tommy

just because we can.  house made passionfruit syrup with reposado tequila & fresh lime.  simple & beautiful.  served in a rocks glass over ice  16/54


the traditional mexican cocktail.  tequila, grapefruit soda, fresh grapefruit, lime & agave nectar. served in a salt rimmed tall glass over ice  15/50

the knock off

honestly just an absolute cracker.  simply beautiful balanced.  staff fav, tequila, cucumber, mint, agave & lime.  served in a martini glass  16/50

tahona tractor

the mule was replaced by the tractor in mexico.  somehow the name seemed appropriate.  tequila, house made ginger syrup, mint, fresh lime juice & soda.  served in a rocks glass over ice  15

chile burns

complex and damn tasty, ancho reyes chile liqueur, tequila, lime & agave nectar.  mexico in a cocktail. served in a rocks glass over ice  19

tepache y tequila

house fermented pineapple tepache, lime, tequila, soda & salt rim.  served in a rocks glass over ice  16

barrel aged oaxacan old fashioned

limited quantities available.  another of our classic cocktail twists featuring mezcal, agave nectar, bitters & barrel aged for a month.  served in a rocks glass over  18