Thank you for checking out our cocktail list, we have worked very hard on this list to create some delicious drinks for you a ll to enjoy. We strive to use locally sourced fruits and make everything possible in house.

We try to be a sustainable bar, no drinks are served with straws. If you would like a straw please ask.


the red one sangria

9/33 || wine glass
red wine. orange aperitif. lime.

gatsby’s choice

11 || coupette
sparkling wine. orange aperitif. mandarin.

jalisco spritz

12/35 || wine glass
orange aperitif. grapefruit. sparkling wine. soda.


13 || champagne flute
unaged tequila. dry style berry fizz. peppercorn. mint.


the cure for all

17 || tall glass
house infused tequila gin. mandarin. mediterranean tonic


hot tamale margarita

16/55 || rocks glass
rested tequila. orange oil. fresh lime.

just been juiced

14/45 || tall glass
surprise. whatever fruit is in season freshly juiced. agave spirit.

it’s a sher-bet

17 || rocks glass
unaged tequila. mandarin. fresh lime.

flower power sour

17 || coupette
unaged tequila. floral tea. fresh lime. passionfruit riesling foam.

fun & games

15/50 || tall glass
unaged tequila. coconut oil. coconut cream. fresh pineapple.

jamaic me a palomas

17 || tall glass
unaged tequila. grapefruit. hibiscus. chipotle. salt.

the last frontier

17 || tall glass
rested tequila. orange oil. bitter orange aperitif. smoke. chipotle salt.  fresh pineapple. ginger tincture.

the bush turkey

17 || rocks glass
rested tequila. bitter orange aperitif. molasses rum. fresh pineapple. agave.

espres yourself

16 || coupette
unaged tequila. house created horchata. cinnamon. vanilla. cacao.  coffee.


clara old fashioned

19 || rocks glass
mezcal. butter washed tequila. orange oil. peppercorn tincture.

tequila street

19 || rocks glass
rested tequila. anise tincture.
barrel aged. bacon. yes. bacon.


18 || rocks glass
house infused tequila gin. spiced sangria. bitter orange aperitif.

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